Memories of the Past at Red Cliff, the Style of the Two Odes

This ode was made by Su Dongpo to express his understanding of life when he was boated on the waters of Red Cliff in the moonlight with his friends.

Memories of the Past at Red Cliff, A Domain Misty Rain

O, I would fain, in a straw cloak, spend my life in mist and rain.
Let me go back! Impervious to rain or shine, I’ll have my own will.

Memories of the Past at Red Cliff, a Dream of the Red Wall

Red land and red wall, left permanent hero tears,row a boat in Red Cliff,chanting beautiful poems under the moon.

Su Shi

Su Shi was a literary leader in the middle of the Northern Song or Earlier Song Dynasty (960-1127), who has made great achievements in poetry, Song Poems, prose, calligraphy, paintings, and etc.

Huizong of Song

Slender Gold calligraphy, created by Emperor Huizong of Song, is still unparalleled in the world, and I believe that no one can surpass it. ​

Li Qingzhao

Li Qingzhao is one of the rare talented women in ancient China. She is adept in calligraphy and paintings, thoroughly understand metal and stone, while especially good at poetry. ​